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Can You Really Get Pregnant As Fast As You Would Like To!?

The biggest mistake you can make now is to start forcing things to happen. As you already know, you cannot get pregnant on command,and certainly not because you would just so much like to. You and your partner must be ready in more ways than one for parenthood, and until you are, there will be no pregnancy.

Another misconception is that since there is a pill for not getting pregnant, that there will also be a way to get pregnant NOW. There isn’t, as you are learning the hard way, I think.

Nevertheless, it may surprise you to learn that it is possible to compute the time to try out for the pregnancy. The only way to foresee the future is using astrology (if that word remainds you of daily horoscopes, well, nothing could be further from truth, so please read on.)

It will also help very much if you stopped smoking, started eating healthy, getting enough of sleep, and — it goes without saying — if you enjoyed the sex so much more. And I know that “having fun” without the pregnancy as the end result can also become a nigthmare on its own. Each month when her menstruation returns, that worriesome expression tightens her face a bit more, and he is also a victim of that, too.

Not getting pregnant is NOT fun and many couples enter a vicious cycle in which warrying about not getting pregnant just prolongues the period of not getting pregnant and the life becomes uncomfortable.

There are ways, tools, best practices and remediea to help you overcome that situation and that is what this site and this newsletter is all about. Please enter the name and the email address into the form below, so that we can send you info that is not a part of the “outer” part of this site!