To order a fertility reading, please use the contact page of this site to send me an introductory letter so that I know your situation as well as your natal data. I’ll be then returning a message to you, after I erect the natal chart and study it for a while. Sometimes it takes a day or two, sometimes longer. I’ll then candidly tell you what I think about your situation and whether it could be mended by ordering a fertility reading from me.

Visit then the page which describes the content of fertility reading, namely

— the state of your reproductive organs,

— how many pregnancies your uterus can support in all,

— the state of the hormones,

— the cycle of the Sun and the Moon which gives additional chances of getting pregnant,

and so on.

In most cases I will need the natal data both for your and for your partner, and the reading then costs $147. In rare cases, such as a lesbian wanting to “make” a baby on her own, via IVF, you need to pay only $97, but that will not be a full picture, because the partner is missing.

After you pay I send an email confirming that I now am starting to work for you. It will take me a couple of days of live work to create the reading, record it, upload it to the Internet and then email you about it. Then you watch the video either right from the Internet or you can download the readins as ZIP files and have them on your hard drive for ever, ready to be listened to at some later date.

After that, you are sure to have some questions, please pose them through the email from the contact page. I shall remain in contact with you for as long as I need to answer all of your questions. Sometimes this correspondence will take a couple of days of its own. I don’t mind, as long as I am sure that you know everything there is to know about your abilities to get pregnant and have a baby after successful pregnancy.