I am Dusko Savic, a mathematician, professional astrologer, Reiki master, author of some 25 books on computing, several hundreds articles in computer magazines, publisher and so on. As a professional astrologer more than 4000 people came to me seeking advice, and in the process of anwering them, I had the chance to study more than 5200 various astrological charts. The goal was always the same:

– to help people connect with their own selves, and

– to help them make the right decision in time.

The goal of this site, GetPregnantAstrology.com, is to explore

– can you get pregnant at all, and if you can

– how to get pregnant as fast as possible.

If you like and trust astrology as a general idea, then this site is for you!

Wishing you hear that priceless weeping of YOUR OWN CHILD as soon as possible!

Sincerely, Dusko